Lifestyle Consultations

If you are interested in prevention, individualized lifestyle choices, don’t have any major health challenges, feel confused by different approaches to nutrition, supplements, exercise, etc., then this type of consultation is exactly what you need.

Even if you suffer from serious and chronic conditions, but want to start with correct lifestyle first, it is not a bad choice. Many times, malnutrition is the reason for symptoms, and by correcting it, you can get well. If you don’t get well enough, at least the pure picture of disturbance will emerge, enabling us to efficiently tackle it through a full Heilkunst approach. Click on the link in the sidebar to learn more about Heilkunst.

What does the lifestyle approach include?
In short, MNM (Mind/Nutrition/Motion).

The state of mind determines your life. Learn precise steps to take it under your conscious control, for a bright and meaningful future. Nutrition is not just food, but everything that enters your being. Nourish your body with proper nutrition, nourish your spirit with truth.

Motion is the mark of life, just think of the ultimate stillness – we call it death! We’ll determine the best way for you to move for increased wellbeing and happiness, according to your individuality.

Please prepare a 5-7 day food diary (write down everything you eat throughout the day, and when) and email it prior to your consultation.

The first consultation needs to be 45 minutes long, in order for me to properly assess the case. The length of the follow ups is as needed.


Aleksandra Mikic DMH, DVH, DPh
Shining Health