About Aleksandra

Mission Statement:
~ No matter who you are, what species you are, how old you are, how sick you are –
I will see you in your perfection, and work relentlessly to help you get there. ~

Aleksandra was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia. She left her country following her graduation from The University of Architecture in Belgrade.

Seeking a path of no harm, she studied many healing arts and sciences. She is a practitioner of homeopathy and Heilkunst, a nutritionist, cranio-sacral therapist, animal massage therapist, canine water therapist, Reiki master, teacher, and author. Her knowledge and research continue to broaden, and include many other healing modalities, so that each case receives the best care possible.

Aleksandra Mikic DMH, DVH, DPh
Shining Health
Email: shininghealth123@gmail.com